How Does Cloud Surveillance Lower Total Cost of Ownership?

December 5th, 2022

Security systems are a large capital expense for any business, but the operational, ongoing management, and overall maintenance costs of securing your data may amount to more than you bargained for. In this blog post, we’ll dive into how Alibi Cloud VS can dramatically lower your organization’s total cost of ownership with one streamlined solution.

Cloud VS Benefit #1: Reduces Maintenance Costs

From powering your on-site servers to staying on top of system updates, security systems require significant operational costs. Many times, users purchase an on-premise system and think they can ‘set it and forget it’. What they don’t realize is their security system requires ongoing, operational maintenance to perform at its best. These costs include:

  • Hardware – onsite cameras, network, and networking hardware
  • Firmware updates
  • Securing space for servers
  • Staffing or outsourcing IT
  • Continuous servicing of your recorder and/or hard drives
  • Business costs associated with system failure downtime

Unlike a traditional system that requires you to allocate the time, money, and resources for maintenance, Alibi Cloud VS solutions provide continuous operational upkeep for you. Because your data is managed in an off-site data center, there are no on-site recording devices to manage or firmware updates to maintain. Cloud VS dramatically reduces your up-front and operational costs from start to finish.

Cloud VS Benefit #2: Lowers Management Fees

Ongoing management fees are another costly disadvantage of a traditional system. These fees include:

  • System configuration
  • Router configuration
  • Operating system backup
  • OS security patches
  • Server equipment refreshes
  • Video backup
  • Multi-site integration
  • Cybersecurity expertise/support

There are also indirect costs to consider—like the training, support, and knowledge of surveillance experts—to make sure it continues to perform at its best.

Alibi Cloud VS solutions include end-to-end management of your recording and storage technology, all managed for you in the cloud. Additionally, you’ll have access to our U.S. based support team who collectively has more than 100 years of experience in the security industry. Eliminating these management requirements will provide you with more time to focus on running your business – while reducing your total cost of ownership.

Cloud VS Benefit #3: Provides On-Demand Scalability

Purchasing a traditional security system requires you to decide upfront the number of cameras, camera resolution, and storage needed to support your video surveillance. Over time, your needs will change, potentially requiring you to add recorders, hard drives and/or servers to your on-premise solution. This will result in significant cost and complexity of managing your surveillance solution.

Alibi Cloud VS features ‘on-demand scalability’. As your security needs change and your business grows, Alibi Cloud VS allows you to add unlimited cameras to one or multiple locations, and add or remove storage. With Alibi Cloud VS, you’re only paying for what you need. It’s never been easier and more affordable to have a fully scalable, security system in place.

Cloud VS Benefit #4: Offers Triple Redundancy

Another significant cost associated with any security system is maintaining redundancy of your data evidence. Back up of your evidence is important to have in the case of catastrophic or power outage failures, and to prevent data loss. Without proper precautions, data loss may cause compliance violations, liability vulnerabilities, and/or security threats.

Unlike many traditional on-premise solutions (which don’t offer redundancy capabilities), Alibi Cloud VS offers data redundancy as a standard feature and is included in your subscription. Secured in our tier-4 off-site data center, your video surveillance is backed up with triple redundancy – ensuring your data is never lost.

Whether you need a more affordable way to manage, maintain or improve your existing security system, Alibi Cloud VS provides you with a streamlined and cost-effective solution to lower your total cost of ownership.

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Alibi Cloud VS is a powerful and cost-effective way to secure your business. Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, the Alibi Cloud offers 24/7 surveillance, remote accessibility and unlimited cameras, users and locations for a perfectly scalable and streamlined solution.

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